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E-File Expediting

Mandatory E-file with the 310th & 247th, while once considered innocuous, is simply taking an exorbitant amount of time to expedite pleadings.  However, with Esquire’s new E-File Expediting, we are able to immediately present filings to the judge for signature, rush issue service, obtain hearing dates, and order certified copies.  Please see the attached E-File Expedite Form.  This service is included in your monthly service package at no additional cost to you!! 

Presenting Your Filings to Judge for Signature

Once your pleadings have been E-filed, Esquire can have them printed out by the court clerk and sitting in the judge’s inbox for signature.  You move right to the front of the line!  Say goodbye to weeks of waiting.    

Rush Issuing Service

Esquire can intercept your pleadings once they have been e-filed and have your citation rush issued in a matter of days, if not hours, as opposed to waiting weeks.    

Obtaining Hearing Dates

Esquire can verify your hearing date on the same day you E-File versus waiting 3 to 4 business days for confirmation by the court clerk or coordinator. 

Certified Copies

After the judge has signed your document, we can immediately place an order for certified copy.  This prevents the document from going to imaging for 10-14 days, and alleviates you having to wait weeks for your client’s copy.

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